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Hmm. I don’t like to be a negative person.  It rots the brain.  But theft is part of the culture we live in and must be talked about at some point. 

Last night I met some friends at a bar in Tempe called Grahams Central Station.  It’s not a cool place to hang out at all and I am embarassed to say I actually spent some time there, but alas it’s true.  Nevertheless.  At some point in time it was decided that another venue would be more agreeable to continue the party, so after securing a ride back to my vehicle, we all headed to Scottsdale.

I should have known it was a bad idea to leave it there as it’s so close to Guadalupe, a town known for it’s lawlessness.  But I didn’t want to waste gas going back and forth to Scottsdale.  (It never accurred to me that my truck would be broken into in a huge public parking lot full of cops most of the time.  but hindsite is 20/20 if I’m not correct.)  So I left my baby, The Beast, in the then crowded parking lot and headed off for more frivolity.  NEVER AGAIN……

I was dropped off at about 8am at the front of my truck, and at the time all I noticed were the bird droppings on the hood and windshield.  Then I got in and went to unmute the stereo.  All that remained of my once beautiful Panasonic touch-screen deck were the connection wires.  I did a double take.  Then noticed the dark glass on the passenger seat.  And then on the second row seating… which lead my eyes to the back of the truck.  The ENTIRE window was gone.  All I could do was stare.  I slowly slipped out of the drivers seat and onto the hot pavement.  From the outside it looked even worse.  There was broken glass all over the bumper, trunk area and third row seating. 

I got back into the truck and did a quick review of the rest of the items I remembered being in the truck when I left it last.  Cds. Check.  Bathing suit. Check.  Towel. Check.  Books. Check.  Everything else was still there.  I put the keys in the ignition and drove to pick up the mail for Kolby.  (He’s in Europe for three weeks.) 

I still can’t believe it happened and have to go out into the garage every once in a while to make sure it really did happen.  It’s so weird to think someone was in my Beast without my permission doing whatever they wanted.  I am grateful that that is all they took.  But it still stings to the bone. 

The insurance adjuster will be out soon to take a look at the damage and start the claims process, but somehow that does not make me feel much better.  I will never put that expensive of a deck in my baby again.  I don’t care how cool it looks.  I don’t want to go through this again. 

And the kicker.  When there’s a power loss to the unit, you have to enter a security code to get the darn thing to even power up.  So I guess the joke is on them.  Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.  Thank God I removed my makeup kit last week when I had her cleaned…. otherwise I would still be sobbing.

I don’t know what the moral of the story is.  I hate that theft is a part of our culture and the good hardworking citizens of the world have to take a portion of their paycheck and set it aside to help them sleep at night.  Sigh.

 I have pictures but they are not loading for some reason…. more frustration.


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