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Sorry, no pics today… just musings.

All the recent press coverage and blog posts about the rising cost of food, starvation, and the evils of GMO have had me thinking about food more than ever. I love food. I love everything about it except those 5 pounds I gained last month. ( Why do I always gain weight when I’m happy? Someone please tell me..) So I’ve been eating, cooking, and reading about cooking a lot. And I have to say thank you God for this simple pleasure of the senses. Again I digress.

All this time spent almost obsessed with the subject I have come to realise I love sharing a meal with people weither it’s a tuna sandwich in front of the tv on a Monday night or a celebration feast with all the trimmings and wine and so forth.

Tonight I was able to share a meal with some I knew, someone I was getting to know, and some complete strangers and it was wonderful.

Of course the entire episode was preluded with a rousing game of beer pong. But that’s for another day. Shopping for the food was fun. Prepairing the food was fun. And the best part of the evening was when I looked around the table at all the smiling faces, watching the glow that comes from satisfaction, and realizing that not only was every’s plate completely clean….Every last spear of aspargus… every roasted baby dutch potato… every piece of garlic bread.. and every slice of chicken saltimbucca, they were full. It was like magic.

I don’t know what the future holds for this kid and I can honestly say I’m not too worried. But I do hope. I hope I will be able to share my love of cooking with those I love. I hope I can continue to grow in my love of well prepaired food and help those around me to take a little more joy from this simple task of sustaining the body. And I hope to share in many more meals like the one I shared tonight.


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